What we offer


Thanks to years of experience in the IT sector, the team at REFUSiON have an enviable knowledge of online technologies and their potential applications.

We analyse your expectations and requirements, recognise your potential, and develop solutions that are specially tailored to you. We’ll show you a range of strategies and ways to optimize online and offline technologies for e-commerce or the digitization of business processes.

You’ll deal with a single contact person, regardless of the scope of your project. And there’s no need to worry about all the strings that need to be pulled behind the scenes, either. Thanks to our extensive network, we can call on additional specialists and partners any time they’re required.

REFUSiON’s key areas of expertise are e-commerce and personalised online solutions. We also have expert knowledge of project management and can take on briefs as an external Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Our activity isn’t limited to consultation services, either, but also comprises strategic and operative implementation.

Don’t have an in-house web department? Or do you just want to feel confident that your e-commerce department is in good external hands? We’ll gladly take care of that for you. We have experience leading major projects as an external contact point. From the idea through to the implementation and operational guidance, we have everything necessary to make your project a success.


E-commerce, online services and digital transformation are vast fields with countless options for personalisation. REFUSiON can give you the support you need thanks to its broad expertise. During implementation, we can develop any missing elements ourselves to ensure we cover your requirements on budget and on time.

For operators of e-commerce solutions (B2C and B2B)

  • Setup of new e-commerce solutions or migration of existing systems
  • Overall project management including management of data migration
  • Development of interfaces for integration of external software or services
  • Operation and support of existing e-commerce solutions
  • Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • Consultation on optimising sales channels and the expansion of the service package

For companies

  • Briefs as an external CTO/CDO when required: Development of IT strategies, coordination of external providers, operational implementation of defined strategies, ad-hoc filling of vacant posts
  • Development of interfaces and middleware for optimisation/automation of internal processes
  • Consultation on choosing operating software (ERP, PIM, CRM) with a view to optimal link-up to e-commerce
  • Consultation on digital transformation at your company

Network and Partners

REFUSiON enjoys access to a solid and broad-based network. We enjoy a long-standing relationship with our partners that is based on mutual trust and means we can guarantee high quality and flexibility for the best possible price. We draw on professional expertise in specialised fields in the IT sector and seamlessly organise interactions between individual partners to create a functioning overall solution.

The way we see it, our core challenge is to improve processes at a fundamental level by assigning the partner with the best expertise for the relevant requirements. Our network gives us access to leading players in various sectors and allows us to set them to work on your project!

  • A+F – Systems integrator for business, IT and publishing solutions
  • ADOMAS - Evaluation and implementation of ERP solutions
  • BOXALINO – An intelligent engine for real-time personalisation
  • CURE-IT – Staff contracting and ICT service
  • ETAKTIKER – SEA/SEO agency
  • IEFFECTS – High performance applications
  • IMACULIX – Video production and digital signage
  • KONOMA – UX- and design agency
  • OPENFACTORY – Telephony and network specialist
  • PATERSON-ENTERTAINMENT – Marketing and communications agency
  • REQUIRED – UX- and design agency
  • VSHN – DevOps, system engineering and cloud management